Buyers just signed contract on a what?  

Regardless of the stage of construction (front end, back end, standing), our video tools and management systems are a perfect compliment to on site sales staff for helping set buyer expectations about the process of buying... building... and closing on a home.

The difference between sales' office messaging and our video tools?  Video messaging is clear, consistent and the same every day...every time.

Laird Group builder video programs are now in more than 1.3 million homes across the US and Canada. 

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Managed solutions

In the weeks leading up to closing, buyers are planning a move, finalizing the sale of their old home, the purchase of a new home, having second thoughts about all the selections they made at the design center, getting frustrated by weather delays AND getting kids registered for new schools...

And you think they heard anything during the 3 weeks leading up to the home orientation?

Our video programs insure that what you want to say about your orientation process, warranty program and caring for a home, is said the way you want it said...over and over again.

creating value for homebuilders...

 Producing valuable information for homeowners.

Orientation, Warranty and Customer Care

Sometimes you need a fresh perspective.  From branding your site, to on-site signage, to SEO, to helping your field teams be the best they can be - we've got over 15 years of experience making it happen.

Let us see what you've got.

Web site writing and development - Training programs for field workers - OSHA safety videos - written homeowner manuals - Marketing analysis and best practice review - Help in sales, marketing, construction management, warranty or customer care.