For builders, those two words create two different pictures.


•  If you're a land investor or part of a large finance group, Customer Care means warranty service...And some some, warranty service is a pain you wish you didn't have. 

•  If you're a HOMEbuilder, Customer Care is a piece of your overall homebuilding puzzle that means more than just warranty means caring for your customer.  That said, it also means taking care of an important and mandatory component of the build cycle - builder warranty obligations.  And when done right, it helps build your brand for long-term success.

In the past 22 years Laird Group has seen both pictures...and we've worked with both types of client.

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Whether You're a Homebuilder or Builder Finance Group - Laird Group has the systems and procedures to create a warranty program from the ground up; or the ability to help you move your customer care program to the next level.  Along the way, we're pretty convinced we'll help you build your brand.  We'll show you our paperwork - everything from homeowner walk forms to on-line Customer Care Request forms.  We'll help you understan why they're important - and why they will benefit you...and your homeowners.  If you don't have a homeowner manual...we do!  You can provide it on paper, USB drive or via email.  

We can also produce the Expectation and HomeCare Guide video programs for your company.  These programs set expectations...for your homeowners and your staff.  They are an excellent tool that educates your buyers, creates goodwill and improves the chance of repeat or referral sales.  Internally, they become a training video for your company...showing new hires how you do business.

Laird Group can Help

In Homebuilding - 4 components of Customer Care

•  Operations - How has a builder set up their operation - Is Customer Care/Warranty part of construction?  Who does the warranty department report to?  Do the various departments work together?  Are any employee success ladders tied to overall company success and not exclusively to individual success?  Does management see the value/investment in after-sale customer care?  Is there a company training program?  Do the departments speak to one another...and do they all speak the same language when it comes to their most important asset - the homebuyer?

•  External Communication - How does the builder speak to their buyers?  Is there a format that all site personnel follow?  Are systems and procedures standard at all communities?  This means written, verbal and video communication.  What paperwork is used?  How specific is it?  How consistent is it?  How does it set expectations... both during and after a home is completed?  Is the corporate office aware of the site systems and procedures?

•  Internal Communication - How much do you really know about your homebuyers?  Are they are engaged in the construction process, whether it be a dirt-start home or standing inventory home?  What information has been provided by sales and construction to give you a strong picture about who is buying from you?  Hint - we're NOT talking about demographic information and buyer profile sheets.

•  Follow-Through - Do you do what you say you're going to do?  From initial sales delivery warranty service completing warranty work...are you promising to get things done and then actually doing it?

There have been lots of changes in how we market and sell homes.  Web sites,

SEO, Facebook, Twitter, seems that every week, there is something new we

"must to be doing" to stay ahead of the competition.  Yes, change happens

fast these days.  But No, not all change is effective.  Sales and marketing is

about core basics, looking at each property individually and not simply putting

a boiler plate marketing plan in place.  There needs to be an understanding of

the location, product, amenities, buyer, and buyer's needs and desires that must be

analyzed.  In the end, your marketing may sizzle, but it will quickly fizzle if you don't have a solid location and core marketing program in place.

Since 1998, Laird Group has marketed and sold homes as part of builders group,

3rd party developers representative and as a realtor.  

Managed sales and marketing...or simply sales or marketing management.  If

you need help...or simply want a second opinion...give us a call.  We would be happy

to hear from you.

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