The HomeCare Guide Program addresses an important...and mostly overlooked piece of a homebuilder's construction process - Warranty and Customer Care. 
The HomeCare Guide Program addresses 4 important elements about what should be a core part of a homebuilders business strategy.


1.  It clearly outlines your warranty program, including emergency service.  

2.  It provides recommended maintenance suggestions from you AND your vendors.
3.  It gives new homeowners information and tools to maintain their home and keep it looking great.
4.  Sales and Marketing may have done their job to make (and sustain) a first impression.  But, after-close customer care is your last chance to continue making a strong impression with your buyers.  You may not gain any referral buyers through the warranty period, but you can sure lose some if you don't follow through on your customer care commitments.

The Expectation and HomeCare Guide Programs

In the world of Customer Care, this is where Laird Group cut it's teeth.

The Expectation and HomeCare Guide Programs are two solid investments that builders can make to improve the communication between their homebuyers and sales team...homebuyers and construction team...and even between the corporate office and field staff.

Done right...done with a purpose in mind...done knowing how to make it can be the most powerful tool a builder has to communicate with their buyers throughout the entire construction process.

How it all works

THE EXPECTATION VIDEO PROGRAM does just what the name suggests - it helps set expectations between homebuilders and homebuyers. 

How you sell homes.  How you build homes.  And the responsibilities both parties have to get the home built with all the correct options and upgrades. 

THE HOMECARE GUIDE PROGRAM has been created for one simple reason - 
TO INSURE that your warranty and customer care message is delivered to your customers in a clear and concise manner...EVERY TIME..

The HomeCareGuide Program

 People • Ideas • Managed Solutions

By working with Laird Group, you will be working with a partner.  If you have worked with video production companies before, you know that each video is project-specific.  Once the video is done, so is the project.  But, what happens when your business changes...or when you want to update the message to your buyers?  What happens when your buyers change?  Instead of speaking English, they now speak Spanish, or Mandarin, or Cantonese.  And, what happens when new materials are introduced to the combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?  Laird Group understands this, and partners with you to create an economical way to work together to insure that your message is clear and as up to date as possible.

We achieve this through a mix of new and stock footage.  New footage is shot in one or several of your communities and is then intercut with stock footage from our library (Water heater in the garage, basement, attic, etc.  No problem, we have all different colors.  Tankless water heater?  Again, no problem.) to create a completely custom program.

Delivery to your buyers can be in any of a number of formats.  USB drive.  DVD disc.  Or, even emailed (video link) directly to your buyers at specific times. Any of these formats work great and insures the value of the information.  

Value of the Information...This is probably the most important sentence on this web site.  Laird Group will not create a program for you and then simply post it to YouTube.  Creating value means getting it to your buyers with an understanding that they understand the importance of the information.  Simply posting videos to YouTube and asking your buyers to passively watch them is simply a waste of time and money.

The Expectation Program

The fact is that what you think is being said to your homebuyers is often not the case.  Best practice principals implemented by your corporate team often-times do not find their way to the field...and your homeowners.

The Expectation Program takes your buyers through your process of building and buying one of your homes.  From the Buyer Contract, to Mortgage Application, to the Design Center appointment, to site visits, all the way through lays out your builder program in clear, easy to follow manner.  Your sales and construction team will supplement this information, but the core message is yours...and repeated to every buyer...the same way...every time.

And, if you have hired new employees, this program is a great tool to inform and education them about your homebuilding process.